Now let's have some fun.


Designed socks to be given away by Olson using the newly unveiled Olson branding.

Photos by Maria Erikson

Don't cry over spilled anything.

A new product in the floor care category meant we needed to show people exactly what they'd use it for. Personally, the main reason I have to clean my floors is because I was balancing a yogurt cup on my knee and it *happened* to splatter all over the floor. We created two relatable CGI videos for social media that show you exactly why you need a CrossWave.

BISSELL Instagram

In order to aide in follower acquisition, we needed a consistent look and feel for a new Instagram account. We also needed to infuse the pet-based strategy with a tiny talent budget and a nimble production team. The result? A lot of fun photos of very real pets, a few products, and a bright, airy and clean Instagram fee along with a following that grew from 500 to 5,000 in one quarter.